The scripture declares: "The Lord gave the word; great was the company of those that PUBLISH it.- Psa. 68:11


Technology has afforded us the opportunity to record and PUBLISH the word of the Lord!!!


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In this message Dr. BT3 describes the 5 Minds we experience in our humanity. 

You need this if you are struggling in your mind. 

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Dr. BT3 takes us on a journey...he deals with the seasons and challenges of life. This message for everyone! 

It is will literally change your life. Period. 


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This is Dr. Moore's NEWEST BOOK!!!!! It is a fresh look at Biblical Apostles. 


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This revolutionary training on Followership is designed to define, strengthen and empower everyone. 

This training is for the leaders, project managers, 2nd tier leaders, and laymen alike! 

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